Dorothea E. Wyatt: Founding Professor Leaves U. of Michigan at Flint Its Largest Donation

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Dorothea E. Wyatt was one of 16 original faculty members at the University of Michigan at Flint. She started a career as a history scholar and women’s-rights advocate in 1956 and retired to Virginia in 1975.

Ms. Wyatt, who had no children and no living family, left her entire estate, estimated at $6-million, to the Flint campus’s history department when she died in July at age 98, The Flint Journal reports.

It is the institution’s largest gift from an individual donor, which officials learned about on Christmas Eve.

“It enables us to dream,” Kristen Skivington, vice chancellor for institutional advancement, told the newspaper. “It just opens up so many possibilities for us. If we could express gratitude, certainly we would want to. She knew what this would do.”

Ms. Wyatt wrote a biography of Julia Tutwiler, a pioneer for women’s rights....
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