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Historians in the News

This page features brief excerpts of stories published by the mainstream media and, less frequently, blogs, alternative media, and even obviously biased sources. The excerpts are taken directly from the websites cited in each source note. Quotation marks are not used.

  • How are historians faring around the world?

    by Antoon De Baets

    News about the domain where history and human rights intersect, especially about the censorship of history and the persecution of historians, archivists, and archaeologists around the globe.

  • 'History wars' erupt in India

    India is witnessing a renewed battle to win the hearts and minds of the next generation of students.

  • Historians Urge President to Change Policy on Israel-Palestine

    “We deplore the ongoing attacks against civilians in Gaza and in Israel. We also recognize the disproportionate harm that the Israeli military, which the United States has armed and supported for decades, is inflicting on the population of Gaza.”

  • AP History Exam Released in Response to Critics

    David Coleman, College Board president, said he hoped the unprecedented move of releasing an exam to non-certified A.P. teachers would quell concerns that framework neglected or misrepresented important parts of American history.

  • Rick Perlstein on The Real Legacy of Richard Nixon

    by Scott Porch

    Historian Rick Perlstein discusses the astonishing experience of listening to President Nixon’s every move on the Oval Office tapes and how his resignation forever changed America.

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