HBO sought Easton professor's expertise for 'The Pacific' war series

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A simple question from his 6-year-old granddaughter inspired Easton historian Donald L. Miller to start writing about World War II.

While walking with his granddaughter, they came across a World War II monument. Miller told her about his father, who had served in World War II. The girl asked if he was going to write about it....

Miller, a Lafayette College history professor, has since written three books on the history of World War II. That led him to his latest project, as historical consultant and a writer for HBO's ''The Pacific.''...

Miller says he was ''very pleased'' with how the series turned out. He describes it as ''very violent, explosively emotional and tremendously gut-wrenching.''

''What drew me into the study of war is people are at both their best and worst,'' he says. ''People do things they didn't think they were capable of doing. There are tremendous acts of heroism and acts of barbarism.''

Miller says the story of the Pacific campaign is filled with ''racism and violence.''...

Miller also is a historical consultant and writer for ''The Pacific'' Web site, which launches Monday. It provided content for seven hours of extras on the series DVD and Blu-ray.
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