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Liberty and Power

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  • Oliver Stone Understands Who Barack Obama Really Is

    by Keith Halderman

    It is very important for the American people to understand by knowing history and to proclaim as loudly as possible that Barack Obama  is every bit the callous war monger that Richard Nixon and George Bush ever were. Oliver Stone and my old professor American University’s Peter Kuznick are doing their part with their currently running Showtime historical series Untold History of the U. S. and this interview explaining their purpose. They do an outstanding job of illustrating the fact that the policies and mindset which got 50,000 Americans needlessly killed in Vietnam are still in place.

  • Government-Industry Revolving Door

    by Sheldon Richman

    Not that we thought it would be any different, but revolving door between government and industry spins just as fast in Obama's Washington. Read about it in my latest article at the Project to Restore America.

  • End the War on Drugs

    by Keith Halderman

    Barack Obama can accomplish significant good for this country by ending drug prohibition. He has won a new term  and no longer has to appease the drug warriors. This film Breaking the Taboo does a very good job of explaining why that is the right thing to do.

  • The Reason for Yet More Unexplained Public Violence, Why?

    by Keith Halderman

    Yet another public shooting rampage has occurred, this time at an Oregon mall. The police and the news media offer no explanation for this particular incident of violence. The shooter, Jacob Tyler Roberts -- who killed two and seriously wounded one other person -- has no criminal record, merely two speeding tickets earlier this year. The weapon he used, a fully legal AR-15, was a stolen from someone he knew, so no background check on him would ever have been performed. The perpetrator, wearing a Jason-style hockey mask, walked briskly through the stores in the mall and began firing randomly. Roberts and a woman were evicted from their apartment in Happy Valley, Ore., last summer; police have searched the his home in Portland, but declined to indicate what they found. The unexplained attack ended when Roberts followed the example of many of our soldiers and took his own life.

  • People Shopping at Wal Mart is Not the Problem

    by Keith Halderman

    This video shot in a Wal Mart parking lot is disturbing not because of anything Wal Mart does but because it shows the American people demonstrating a degree of ignorance and callousness that is uncomfortable. Can you answer the two key questions here  by naming four countries that Obama has bombed and telling how many veterans commit suicide each day. People are not trying to buy happiness at Wal Mart, they are trying to buy the things they need at a low price so that they can continue pay their taxes and the government can keep on buying the bombs as well as sending our sons and daughters to die or be wounded overseas. That is what makes government happy.

  • Bombing Iran

    by Keith Halderman

    Of the three candidates on most of our ballots there is only one who says categorically that he would not bomb Iran -- of course, the mainstream media tells us that we should not even consider voting for him, Gary Johnson. No matter which one wins a pro-war person will be in charge. But take comfort in the fact that war is good for the press and means higher television ratings so do what they tell you and do not vote for peace.

  • About that Report Economic Growth

    by Sheldon Richman

    So GDP is growing at about 2 percent. (That's not the same as "the economy.") The rub is that it's driven by consumer and government spending. Real economic growth requires investment, and investment has not recovered. But private (real) investment requires savings--that is, deferred consumption. So increased consumption is not a path to economic growth. Increased sustainable consumer spending is an effect not a cause of economic growth.

    Government of course tries to stimulate consumer spending, since policymakers are stuck in the Keynesian mindset (that is, uninterested in the time structure of production). One way it does this is by keeping interests abysmally low. Why save if you get so little for your money, perhaps less than the increase in the CPI? You're just losing purchasing power. 

  • Econonmic Ignorance

    by Keith Halderman

    We have two main party candidates running for president and they are both completely ignorant about economics but you will not see this kind of analysis of their debates on televison because the mainstream media does not want voters to know that fact

  • "Come Home America" (George McGovern RIP)

    by David T. Beito

    Viewed in hindsight, George McGovern was the last major party nominee I could have voted for. No Democratic or Republican candidate did more to challenge the post-war "bi-partisan" foreign policy of world policing. Less well known was McGovern's unorthodox views (at least for a Democrat circa 1972) on economic policy. He endorsed an end to Richard Nixon's wage and price controls calling for a "free market" in prices instead. His advocacy of social liberalism and civil liberties led Republicans to demonize him as the candidate of "acid, amnesty, and abortion."  

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