Wife of historian imprisoned in Iran speaks out: ‘His only crime is he's American’

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Three years ago, American Ph.D. candidate Xiyue Wang left for what he thought would be a quick trip to Tehran to research 19th-century Central Asian politics, with his wife and 2-year-old son waiting behind at Princeton. Instead, he was arrested by Iranian police and became what many consider to be the latest pawn in the Islamic Republic’s decades-long history of American hostage-taking.

Wang is now one of at least four known Americans held prisoner in Iran, all accused of spying. Xiyue Wang’s wife spoke out on his conditions in a sit-down interview with Fox News – and rejected the regime’s allegations.

“He is not a spy,” Hua Qu said at her home in Princeton University faculty housing. “He's just a history nerd. All he wanted to do is to do good research and then teach for the rest of his life.”

As the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution nears, Iran also confirmed in recent days it is holding U.S. Navy veteran Michael White, the first American seized since President Trump took office. As with Xiyue Wang, White’s family adamantly denied Iran’s spying allegations.

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