Stunning expose in the Daily Beast reveals tawdry story of sexual harassment by the late Allen Weinstein

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Anthony Clark is a freelance writer and former senior congressional staffer and speechwriter. Previously, he has written about the politics of federal presidential libraries, which are administered by the National Archives. This article does not necessarily reflect his employer’s views.

During the next few minutes, Allen Weinstein would sexually assault Maryellen Trautman. Federal investigators would later substantiate that Weinstein, the chief official overseeing the federal government’s most important documents, had created a “hostile working environment by having verbal and physical conduct of a sexual nature for multiple female employees.”

Weinstein, who died in 2015, claimed that his behavior was the result of medication for his recently diagnosed Parkinson’s disease. His family now says that he was later diagnosed with a form of dementia.

“Parkinson’s disease dementia is a terrible disease that crippled our father in his last years of life and turned him into a different person before he died,” Weinstein’s sons, Andrew and David, told The Daily Beast. “We would like to offer our deep apologies to anyone he treated inappropriately, either during the disease or before it.”

But medical experts found both these explanations dubious. And even though investigators documented a disturbing pattern of behavior going back more than a year, Weinstein appeared to use his position of authority and close political connections to escape responsibility.

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