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Joyce Appleby, emeritus professor of history at UCLA and author of "The Relentless Revolution: A History of Capitalism," is circulating the petition posted below among historians who support filibuster reform.  (This is the second time she has championed filibuster reform. The first time was in January 2011 when she circulated this petition.)  She asks historians who wish to sign the petition to contact her at this email address: appleby@history.ucla.edu.

We, the undersigned, American historians, political scientists, and legal scholars call upon our senators to restore majority rule to the United States Senate by revising the rules that now require the concurrence of 60 members before legislation be can be brought to the floor for debate.

Signatories (UPDATED: 1/18/13)

Catherin Allgar, University of California, Riverside
Akhil Reed Amar, Yale University
Terry H. Anderson, Texas A&M University
Joyce Appleby, UCLA
Andrew Apter, UCLA
Stephen Aron, UCLA

Howard Robert Baker, II, Georgia State University
Peter Baldwin, UCLA
James M. Banner, independent scholar
Lois Banner, University of Southern California
Christopher Bates, California Polytechnic State University, Pomona
Randoph Baxter, California State University, Fullerton
Thomas Bender, New York University
Iryne Black, Newport Beach, California
Timothy Black, Newport Beach, California
Ruth Bloch, UCLA
John Porter Bloom, independent scholar
Christopher Boyer, University of Illinois, Chicago
T.H. Breen, Northwestern University
Roger D. Bridges, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center
Judith Brown, Wesleyan University
Elizabeth Smith Brownstein, independent scholar

Mark Cammack, Southwestern Law School
Ann Caylor, independent scholar
John R. Chavez, Southern Methodist University
Aimee Lee Cheek, independent scholar
William Cheek, San Diego State University
Robert Cherny, San Francisco State University
Thomas Clark, California State University, Sacramento
Catherine Clinton, Queens University, Belfast
Lizabeth Cohan, Harvard University
Mary F. Corey, UCLA
Edward Countryman, Southern Methodist University
Thomas R. Cox, San Diego State University
Daniel Czitrom, Mount Holyoke College

John D’Emilio, University of Illinois, Chicago
Matthew Dennis, University of Oregon
Toby L. Ditz, Johns Hopkins University
Michael B. Dorff, Southwestern School of Law
James Drake, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Thomas Dublin, SUNY, Binghamton
Ellen Carol DuBois, UCLA
David DuFault, San Diego State University

Ron Eller, University of Kentucky
Jeffrey Engel, Southern Methodist University

Philip Flemion, San Diego State University
Robert L. Frame, Normandale Community College
Peter Frederick, Wabash University

James Gelvin, UCLA
Mark T. Gilderhue, Texas Christian University
Philip Gleason, University of Notre Dame
Michael Green, College of Southern Nevada
Amy Greenberg, Pennsylvania State, University
Warren S. Grimes, Southwestern Law School
James Grossman, American Historical Society
Isabelle Gunning, Southwestern Law School

David H. Hall, Harvard University
Katy Harriger, Wake Forest University
Senator Gary Hart, independent scholar
Thomas S. Hines, UCLA
Peter Hoffenberg, University of Hawaii
David Hollinger, University of California, Berkeley
Darryl Holter, University of Southern California
Kirk Arden Hoppe, University of Illinois, Chicago
Daniel Howe, UCLA
John R. Huff, independent scholar

Sanford M. Jacoby, UCLA
Calvin Jillson, Southern Methodist University
Nicole Jordan, Harvard University

Kenneth Karst, UCLA Law School
Gregory L. Kaster, Gustavus Adolphus College
Herbert Kaufman,  Yale Universitiy
Morgan Kousser, California Institute of Technology
John H. Kulczycki, University of Illinois, Chicago

Roger Lane, Haverford College
Jackson Lears, Rutgers University
Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School
Sanford Levinson, University of Texas Law School
Carol W. Lewis,   University of Connecticut
John Lithgow, Los Angeles
Peter Loewenberg, UCLA
Anne Lombard, California State University, San Marcos
Ralph E. Luker, Morehouse College

Pauline Maier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Majewski, University of California, Santa Barbara
Valerie Matsumoto, UCLA
Theresa M. McBride, College of Holy Cross
Muriel McClendon, UCLA
Arthur McEvoy, Southwestern Law School
Jonathan McLeod, San Diego Mesa College
Anne Mellor, UCLA
Ronald Mellor, UCLA
Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Georgetown Law School, University of California, Irvine
Stephen Mihm, University of Georgia
Karen Miller, Oakland University
Norma Claire Moruzzi, University of Illinois, Chicago
Patrick Murray, Valley Forge Military College

Aden Nichols, independent scholar
David Nord, Indiana University
Fred Notehelfer, UCLA

Peter Onuf, University of Virginia

Joseph A. Palermo, California State University, Sacramento
Michael Perlmer, University of Illinois, Chicago
Cynthia Poe, independent scholar

Jack Rakove, Stanford University
Gowri Ramachandran, Southwestern Law School
Bennett Ramberg, foreign policy consultant
Rosalind Remer, independent scholar
David RePass, University of Connecticut
Andrew Robertson, City University of New York Graduate Center
Corey Robin, Brooklyn College and City University of New York Graduate Center
Alan Rogers, Boston College
Steven Ross, University of Southern California
Philip Rubio, North Carolina A&T State University
Teofilo Ruiz, UCLA

David Warren Sabean, UCLA
Crystal R. Sanders, Pennsylvania State University
Kevin M. Schultz, University of Illinois, Chicago
Ronald C. Schurin, University of Connecticut
Carole Shammas, University of Southern California
Linn Shapiro, independent scholar
Cynthia Shelton, UCLA
Richard Shenkman, History News Network
Shanti Singham, Williams College
Herbert Sloan, Barnard College, Columbia University
Melvin Small, Wayne State University
Billy G. Smith, Montana State University
Charles Smith, University of Arizona
Julia Clancy Smith, University of Arizona
Jonathan Soffer, New York University Polytechnic Institute
Paul Spagnote, Boston College
Bruce M. Stave,   University of Connecticut
Francis H. Stites, San Diego State University
Jess Stoddard, San Diego State University
J. Kelly Strader, Southwestern Law School

Glen Edward Taul, Campbellsville University
Morton T. Tenzer,   University of Connecticut
David Thelen, Indiana University

Laurel Ulrich, Harvard University
Albion M. Urdank, UCLA

Gregory Vanderbilt, independent scholar
Charles Venator,   University of Connecticut

Steven Weisenburger, Southern Methodist University
Robert Westman, University of California, San Diego
John K. White,  Catholic University
Norton Wise, UCLA
Laura Wittern-Keller, University of Albany
Peter H. Wood, Duke University
Nan Woodruff, Pennsylvania State University
Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr., Tulane University

Mary Yeager, UCLA

Thomas Zoumaras, Truman State University
Roger T. Zeimet, Troy University
Michael Zuckert, University of Notre Dame

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