teaching history

  • Trump Looms Large Now, but Maybe Not Forever

    by Steve Inskeep

    NPR's Steve Inskeep reflects on the prospect that historical distance will make Trump and Trumpism smaller (and not all-consuming) parts of a story about American society struggling with bigger questions of political, economic and social equality that became increasingly contentious during the Obama era. 

  • The Contours of Black Studies in American Public Schools

    by Alexander Hyres

    A historian of education argues that Black studies was not an invention of the 1960s; its flawed implementation reflected the long battles Black activists fought against hostile and indifferent school administrations for decades before. 

  • Why the 1776 Commission is a Bad Idea

    by Diane Ravitch

    "In addition to violating the law, the 1776 Commission is a silly idea because history is not written by federal commissions, but by historians."

  • Teaching: Making Sense of the Election

    Anne Berg, historian of European nationalism, discusses how she conducted her class meetings on November 4 as the presidential election remained undecided. 

  • Is It Time for All Students to Take Ethnic Studies?

    The position of ethnic studies in university curricula reflects changing intellectual currents but also longstanding battles over resources and power in higher education institutions.