• Are We Ready to Rehabilitate George W. Bush’s Reputation?

    by Andrew R. Graybill

    The presidency of Donald Trump has allowed supporters of George W. Bush to push for a reevaluation of a man who left office with historically high unfavorability ratings. A SMU professor digs into recent books by way of evaluating whether Dubya will get a raw deal from history.

  • This Republican Party Is Not Worth Saving

    by Tom Nichols

    "The hardening of the GOP into a toxic conglomeration of hucksters, quislings, racists, theocrats, and cultists is already happening. The party gladly accepted support from white supremacists and the Russian secret services, and now welcomes QAnon kooks into its caucus. Conservatives must learn that the only way out of “the wilderness” is first to vanquish those who led them there."

  • Those who Like Government Least Govern Worst

    Both George W. Bush and Donald Trump represent a Republican Party soaked in contempt for, and mistrust of, the federal government. When you don’t respect, or even like, the institution you lead, you lead it poorly. When that institution is incredibly, globally important — as the US government is — leading it poorly can invite global catastrophe.

  • How Donald Trump Cancelled the Republican Party

    by Sidney Blumenthal

    From Reagan onward, even as the fringe moved to the center and took it over, the party did not anticipate that it was slouching toward Trump. Conservatives have consistently failed to grasp the unintended consequences of conservatism.

  • Of Course Kamala Harris is a Citizen

    by Derek Litvak

    John Eastman's claims that Kamala Harris is not a natural-born U.S. citizen fly in the face of 14th Amendment jurisprudence and Eastman's own prior defenses of Ted Cruz's eligibility for the presidency. 

  • The Republican Party’s Five Traps

    by Thomas E. Patterson

    Thomas Patterson's new book, excerpted here, evaluates the political traps the Republican Party has set for itself and considers the consequences for the nation if the party implodes. 

  • Colorblindness Has Become A Conservative Shield For Racial Inequality

    by Frank J. Cirillo

    Beginning in the 1970s, white politicians selectively appropriated the dream of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for a future post-race society by pretending it was already reality, rejecting further action to address racial inequality.

  • How the GOP Became the Party of Resentment

    Historian Patrick Iber reflects on "Reaganland," the concluding volume of Rick Perlstein's genre-defining series of books on American conservatism, and urges readers to consider how the movement mobilized anger and resentment as opposed to high principle. 

  • Fascism: A Concern

    Is the application of "fascism" to describe today's politics accurate or useful? Historians including Samuel Moyn, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, David A. Bell, and Heather Ann Thompson add perspective. 

  • The Never Trumpers Have Already Won

    by Samuel Moyn

    Never Trump's historic role turns out to be not among Republicans so far, but within a Democratic Party whose members have chosen to convert enemies into friends, setting up a guardrail against the capture of their party by the left.