• Are We Living at the "Hinge of History"?

    Journalist Richard Fisher examines the argument that the present--this moment--is the most important juncture in human history because human capacity to affect the planet outstrips human wisdom to direct that capacity.

  • When Plague Is Not a Metaphor

    by Hunter Gardner

    It's not always a blessing when current events make a researcher's specialty suddenly and urgently relevant. 

  • Letters From The 1918 Pandemic (Podcast)

    In this podcast, medical historian Dr. Howard Markel shares lessons to be learned from the 1918 flu outbreak, and podcast host shares 102-year-old letters from her aunt's family.

  • Federalism and Fighting Coronavirus

    John Barry's book The Great Influenza demonstrates how federalism can work effectively in a crisis. By that standard, the current response leaves much to be desired.

  • This Is Just the Beginning

    by Yascha Mounk

    If we commit to strict social distancing now, we can radically curtail the number of new cases and buy time—time to put in place the measures we need to contain the pandemic in a less economically destructive way.

  • Notes From the New Normal

    by Jamie Stiehm

    America is not immune to the world. We're all connected in "a single garment of destiny," as Martin Luther King Jr. wrote.