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Apr 15, 2011

Cliopatria's History Blogroll


Maintained by Ralph Luker and the HNN Staff

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Brendan Hamilton - 2/9/2011

For Art, Literature, Culture category, The Vanished Hand:

A collage of the old, weird world exposing the avant-garde alchemy of history. Though not limited to this, my particular interest is American history from the Civil War through the Great Depression, as explored through music, poetry, art, photography, and various miscellanea.


Anthony Scalabrine - 1/27/2011

I'd like to nominate J.R. Clark's blog, "A Vietnam War Clerk's Diary," at It would be categorized under either "primary sources" or "military history."



paige johnson - 12/21/2010

Hi, I blog about the history of gardens and designed landscapes at and would like to be included on the list.

Alan Flower - 12/20/2010

Hello I'm Alan and my blog is called History and the Sock Merchant. It's a modern history blog with reviews, articles, discussions, news, its own brand of humor and more. I would be very grateful if you would consider adding it to your blogroll.

Yours Sincerely

Owen Rees - 12/1/2010

Please add this blog

I love the list by the way!


Pat Denault - 11/15/2010

The Business History Conference has an institutional blog, The Exchange, at

We would very much appreciate it if you could add it to the blogroll, under Institutional blogs.
Pat Denault
BHC Web Editor

Mark Gaffney - 11/15/2010

Please consider add my website, it is a Civil War Talk Radio Companion site....lists all show, descriptions, guest names and links to listen and download the episodes.

I would not call it original content, I am just providing information for other fans of Civil War Talk Radio, hosted by Gerry Prokopowicz.

Thanks for your consideration.


Phil Magness - 11/8/2010

The Historian's Corner at IHS Kosmos:

Rebecca Onion - 10/8/2010


Thanks so much for compiling this list - it's wonderful.

I just started a blog about children, science, and technology in the twentieth-century US. I'd love to be included - probably under the "History of Science & Technology" category, though the blog could obviously also qualify for "US History".

Name: Songbirds and Satellites


Thank you.

Adam D. - 9/1/2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Please add the following blog to your Military History blogroll:

A Miniature History of the American Revolution

Many thanks,


James Rupp - 8/17/2010

Thank you!

James Rupp - 8/11/2010


Could you please add Footnotes Since the Wilderness to your United States history blog roll?

Thank you!
- Jim Rupp

jordan smith - 7/17/2010

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Ken Middleton - 7/15/2010

"Women's History Sources" is a new collaborative blog that features "New and Notable Primary Sources in Archives, Historic Sites and Museums, and Libraries."

Contributors include archivists, historians, librarians, and museum curators.

Ken Middleton - 7/15/2010

"Women's History Sources" is a new collaborative blog that features "New and Notable Primary Sources in Archives, Historic Sites and Museums, and Libraries."

Contributors include archivists, historians, librarians, and museum curators.

Colin Tyner - 5/8/2010

I would like to nominate my own blog on Japanese and environmental history to the list:



Elizabeth Henderson - 5/8/2010

I have a blog devoted to the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe. If you think it would fit in with the theme of your blog roll, I'd be very grateful if you'd consider adding it to the list.

Paul M. Doolan - 5/5/2010

May I humbly suggest including my blog, called "ThinkShop"
in your blog roll - because I am an insufferable generalist, possibly under the heading "Historians who Write About Many Things"

Robert Wilhelm - 3/23/2010

I would like to submit my blog: "Murder by Gaslight"

A compendium of information, resources and discussion on notable nineteenth century American murders.

Thank you,

Robert Wilhelm

Gina Collia-Suzuki - 2/20/2010

You very generously added my blog 'Floating Along...' to your Asian History section. I have recently moved it to a new address and would be most grateful if you could update the URL when you get the chance. The new address is:

Many thanks,


Caroline Rance - 1/10/2010

Many thanks for listing The Quack Doctor in the History of Science category. I've recently changed the address to: and wonder if you could update it when you get a moment?

Susan Sklaroff - 1/2/2010

My blog, "Rebecca Gratz & 19th-Century America," based in large part on the extensive Gratz family correspondence of the era, was created to give fresh details about the life of one of America's first women to organize charities and other good works (her Hebrew Sunday School is her most famous) and to also bring attention to information about the customs and pastimes of women of the time. I would be most grateful if you would consider it for your blog roll. It is

Gina Collia-Suzuki - 11/28/2009

I blog about Japanese art and history, predominantly of the 18th century.

It would be wonderful if you could see your way to adding my blog to your excellent list.

tony lin lin - 11/18/2009

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Samira Kawash - 10/29/2009

Hi, here is a self-nomination for your blog-roll:
Stories about the history and culture of candy in twentieth century U.S.

Kathleen Middleton - 9/2/2009

It's not my blog, but you might consider adding Pue's Occurrences,

Jordan Goffin - 8/24/2009

Hi, I just wanted to do some self-nominating. Our blog ( is technically an institutional blog, but it would really probably be more at home in the "Primary Sources" section. Thanks for considering.

Meam Wye - 8/12/2009

I would like to self-nominate my history blog. The blog is about contributions of Muslims to science and technology during the medieval Islamic Civilization:

Title: Shining History - Medieval Islamic Civilization

Ralph E. Luker - 8/11/2009

You'll find them both listed under Modern History. We don't list blogs in more than one place.

Michael David Barton - 8/7/2009

A few history of science blogs not on the list:

Lincoln Mullen - 7/17/2009

Would you please consider adding "Religion in America" to your blogroll? It is a group blog on the history of American religion.


Vicky Lapointe - 7/15/2009

could you add my blog in the Primarily Non-English Language section? The name is Patrimoine, Histoire et multimédia and the address is
It's about Quebec history and digital history.

Sean Kheraj - 6/8/2009

I wanted to add a new blog and a podcast to the list.

1.) Sean Kheraj, Canadian History & Environment (

2.) Nature's Past: A Podcast of the Network in Canadian History & Environment

I produce both the blog and the podcast on Canadian environmental history.

Nick Quinata - 3/2/2009

Please consider me for the blogroll. I've started an advertising history blog that spans World War II era ads up to the '70s. The Mad Men world is covered as it coincides with my thesis work. Thanks!

Rick McDaniel - 2/23/2009

I would like to nominate my food history blog, Hushpuppy Nation ( ) for inclusion in your blogroll. I hope you enjoy it and deem it worthy.

All the best,
Rick McDaniel

WGS Gator - 11/11/2008

Is there a way to get listed on your HNN Blog Roll?

If so, we would appreciate it if you could add our new blog as follows:

Haunt My Blog (All Things History)

Thank you, we enjoy your site very much and will give you a reciprical link on our new blog site.

Maria M N - 10/26/2008

Hello, could you please replace "The Pied a Terre" blog with the following:

"The Preppy Academic"

Thank you.

Hassan Hamed - 8/9/2008

Ancient history of Egypt here

Hassan Hamed - 8/9/2008

Your way to the Egyptian history at Gates of Egypt

John Warren - 7/10/2008

please add my history blog to your list - thanks.

New York History

Historical News and Views From The Empire State

mr alarm - 7/2/2008

The blog primarily posts unknown or unusual sources, but also offers commentary and analysis of historical topics. Focused mostly on 20th c. US history.

Michael F Robinson - 6/26/2008


I'd like to nominate my history of exploration blog:

Time to Eat the Dogs

for your History Blogroll. I think it would fit best under Digital History, Science, and Technology. Thanks much.

Andy Walpole - 6/21/2008


Is it possible to add Future / Retro to the blogroll?

General history and digital humanities

Euan Mackenzie - 6/17/2008

I'd like to self-nominate my ancient history and early-medieval blog. It can be found here:

Cinderella R - 6/9/2008

Hi - just wanted to let you know that my World of Royalty blog (listed under News and Links) has moved to a new location:

Thank you.

Jana Remy - 6/3/2008

Can you add the Making History Podcast Blogsite <>; to your list? Perhaps it would be best categorized under the Digital History heading.

Mark R Stoneman - 4/15/2008

There are two changes in my blogs.

"Clio and Me" is now located at

I have discontinued History Survey, which I am migrating together with some other material to a personal website/wiki.

Tad Suiter - 2/20/2008

I've moved "The Leisurely Historian..."

The new site url is

Also, I'd actually like to change categories, if that's alright. It's pretty much all Digital History and/or US History...

Or, if two categories is verboten, maybe just "Historians who write about many things..."?


Heather Munro Prescott - 1/7/2008

I'd like to nominate my blog, "Knitting Clio," which could be listed under Historians who write about many things:

Trevor Owens - 12/5/2007

nominating my own blog as well...
History through children's literature

Could be filled under
Art literature and culture
Modern history

Brian Tubbs - 11/27/2007

To whom it may concern:

Can I 'self-nominate' my blog for a listing in your Blog Roll? It would fall under United States History.

The blog is...

American Revolution & Founding Era

Brett Holman - 11/10/2007

Australia Felix

History and Web 2.0

Lincoln Mullen - 10/23/2007

Thanks for linking to my blog; I was quite surprised to find it on this list.

I've changed the name, however, from "&#921;&#931;&#932;&#927;&#929;&#921;&#913;" to "The Backward Glance." The URL is still

Could someone make the change? Thanks.

Gavin Robinson - 9/24/2007 covers WWII in the Mediterranean theatre

Christopher Riggs - 8/29/2007

I would suggest adding the following:

Northwest History

"Historians Bill Youngs and Larry Cebula will use this blog to experiment with ways of exploring history in the digital environment. We will focus on the Inalnd Northwest but may venture further afield on occasion."

Fabian Prieto - 8/13/2007

Two blogs

bligcentenario: (about latin american countries independence)

historiasenconstruccion (digital history projects in Colombia)

Andrew Keating - 7/1/2007

forgive the self-promotion, but I would like to offer my own blog ( for inclusion in your lists. I am a graduate student in modern British history at UC Berkeley, and I post about topics related to British and European history and current events. I also write about topics related to technology, computers, and other interests.

Brett Holman - 6/30/2007

The Australian War Memorial has a number of blogs on (obviously enough) military history:

These generally accompany forthcoming and current exhibitions and so are temporary in nature, as explained here here (another blog - - is already no longer being updated).

Fiona Thomson - 6/27/2007

Hi folks,

I have a new blog about the history of activism and politics in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's at It's called Bay Radical. Thanks for considering...

Gavin Robinson - 6/20/2007

Historic Battlefields: mainly about the First World War.

mercy otis warren - 5/16/2007

and a silly one at that!

Gillian Sarah Polack - 4/27/2007

There are more food history blogs that could usefully be added to your listing. I don't know if Janet is a professional historian, but her blog at The Old Foodie is interesting. Mine is less consistent ( but I *am* an historian, so it all evens out :).

David Saraiva - 4/13/2007

A blog about ancient history written to be accessible to anyone:

Gavin Robinson - 4/7/2007

It's only "Holocaust History Archive" that's dodgy. "Holocaust Controversies" is genuine history that seeks to debunk deniers.

Gavin Robinson - 4/6/2007

Did you look at "Holocaust History Archive" before adding it to the blogroll? Are you aware that it's a holocaust denier site? ie run by deniers to spread their propaganda.

Ralph E. Luker - 3/18/2007

Thanks, Brett. This is _really_ helpful.

Brett Holman - 3/14/2007

Antiquarian's Attic



Thoughts on Military History

Victoria's cross?

Kristan Tetens - 2/9/2007

Like the others here, I've overcome my modesty and would appreciate the inclusion of the following blog in Cliopatria's History Blogroll.

"The Victorian Peeper" deals with all aspects of the history of nineteenth-century Britain.

Thank you.

Kristan Tetens

Eric Drummond Smith - 2/3/2007

I just wanted to self-nominate a group blog I co-administer on Appalachian culture and history called Hillbilly Savants. . .

Dmitri Minaev - 2/1/2007

Like those before me, I apologize for not being able to fight a surge of vanity and humbly present my blog :). The topic is mostly history of Russia, not excluding history in general and modern Russia, too.

De Rebus Antiquis Et Novis.

Jason Michael Norrett - 1/4/2007

Self nominating Superhero Historians. The address is and it is a U.S. history site for kids. The "historians" take on one subject at a time.

Paula Martinac - 1/4/2007

I am nominating my own new blog, "The Queerest Places" ( This blog is based on a book I published called "The Queerest Places," a national guide to historic sites of interest to lesbian and gay history.

Lucy D. Jones - 11/19/2006

I'd like to self-nominate My Florida History blog at

Ken Reynolds - 11/8/2006

It doesn't seem very humble, but I'd like to nominate my blog for Cliopatria's History Blogroll. The Cannon's Mouth ( deals with projects in Canadian military history and the historians behind them.



Paul David Gill - 11/8/2006

I would like to self-nominate my history-related blog "Muziris",
My blog is mainly focused on ancient history (Roman East, Late Antiquity, Early Christianity/Judaism/Islam,). I sometimes comment on news items - mostly by applying social theory, or confronting the facts with their (historical) context. The blog is mainly in English, sometimes in Dutch.

Lyonel Kaufmann - 10/17/2006

I allow myself to announce you the blog according to:

It's devoted to the history, its teaching and its didactic.

With my best messages.

Tom Scheinfeldt - 10/11/2006

I have a blog that I would like included in the list:


Tom Scheinfeldt

Paul Kekai Manansala - 10/10/2006

I'd like to nominate my own blog on the history of the Nusantao of Insular Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

Quests of the Dragon and Bird Clan

Ed Darrell - 7/25/2006

Please check, see if this blog is worthy of listing: (Millard Fillmore's Bathtub)

William J Turkel - 3/21/2006

Hi, I have a history blog ("Science & Technology", I guess) called Digital History Hacks at

Brett Holman - 3/4/2006

Mohammed Ben Jelloun - 12/25/2005

Postcolonial Iraq

John Potter - 11/15/2005

A new Russian History blog can be found at

Klaus Graf - 11/9/2005
Collaborative Weblog for Archival Science (German, partly English)

Chris Laning - 11/4/2005

You're welcome to take a look at my blog,, and add it to the HNN blogroll if you like it. A somewhat specialized topic, but I'm having fun writing it. Modesty forbids me to say I also think it's fairly good <grin>. I'm enjoying the other blogs I'm discovering here!

Jonathan Dresner - 8/8/2005

Looks good to me: thanks!

sylwester ratowt - 8/8/2005

Shamless self-nomination:

Ralph E. Luker - 1/24/2005

Grant, We'd going to continue to keep an eye on 50th Star. It isn't yet clear to me that the bench there is as deep in history as we like to see on the History Blogroll.

Grant W Jones - 1/23/2005

I'll modestly self-submit for the "contemporary commentary" category: