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Apr 30, 2013

The Koch Brothers

I have great admiration for the Koch brothers who seem to be arch villains to the academic and news media elite who spend their time relentlessly spewing out disingenuous and ultimately destructive propaganda supporting the idea that organizing principle of our society should be the use of force and coercion, the methodology of government and the condition of slavery, rather than cooperation for mutual benefit, the methodology of the free market and the condition of free men.

The liberal animosity towards the brothers exists not because the Kochs believe that government’s purpose is to impose the conservative’s vision of just and prosperous country on us but rather because they believe people should to make their own life decisions which will always have the best chance of being in the person’s own best interests. The scholarships they gave me to attend the Institute for Humane Studies summer seminars twice provided with me with far more valuable education than the years I spent pilling up student loan debt listening to the argument that more government is always the answer for everything. You see liberals and conservatives advocate this same solution but the Koch brothers advocate a different one and that is why the liberal elite is so disturbed by the prospect that that some of their control of the media ( may slip from their hands.

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