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Sep 23, 2012

Big FMAC Attack at Libertopia

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The Molinari/C4SS/ALL crowd are planning our biggest presence yet at Libertopia next month. There’ll be a panel on Markets Not Capitalism on the main stage, featuring Gary Chartier, Charles Johnson, Sheldon Richman, and your humble correspondent. In addition, there’ll be individual talks by Gary (on “There’s War, and Then There’s Everything Else”), Charles (on “Ask An Anti-Capitalist!: A Freewheeling Q&A on Markets Not Capitalism, Left-Libertarianism, and Mutualist Ends Through Free-Market Means”), Sheldon (on “Market, State and Autonomy”), and myself (on “Race, Gender, and Anarchy”), as well as Markets Not Capitalism audiobook narrator Stephanie Murphy (on “Mutual Aid for the Modern World”); plus Charles is on an anti-IP panel with Stephan Kinsella. (Unfortunately, some of these events are scheduled opposite one another – the price of success, I guess. See the current schedule here.)

In addition, we’ll have an exhibitor’s booth (see our banner here) selling and promoting Markets Not Capitalism and other Molinari/C4SS/ALL literature.

Want to help fund a) Charles’ transportation to San Diego for his triple speaking gig, and b) the fee for our exhibitor’s booth? Chip in below!

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