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Aug 27, 2012

Vote for Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson announcing his bid for the presidency as the candidate of the Libertarian Party, December 28, 2011. Credit: Flickr

“And the man under the influence of hasseesh catches up his knife and runs through the streets hacking and killing everyone he meets.”

DOPE: The Story of the Living Dead by Winfred Black, William Randolph Hearst employee, 1932.

We are told we must pick between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and accept all of the debt, dead sons and daughters in the military, people locked up in prison, control over the smallest aspects of your life that they both promise to bring to the presidency. But that is a lie -- we do not have to put either one in office. What good is it going to do you if either one of them, your guy, wins but the American people lose? When Barack Obama’s campaign tells me that Mitt Romney is a greedy evil manipulator whose election will be bad for the country and Mitt Romney’s campaign tells me that Barack Obama is a power hungry control freak whose election will harm us, I believe them both. They are both so adept at the big government lie, “We are doing this to you or preventing you from doing that for your own good.” However, it will not benefit you -- it is done only to help them obtain what they crave the most: the power to make all important and even trivial decisions for you. They believe the way to maintain their position is selling their monopoly on the use of force and coercion for votes. All of this pro-government propaganda that is now coming from the mouths of our news media and our academics is designed for one purpose only: to create a society and culture whose main operating principle is the use of force and coercion. This leads to their second big lie: “government violence is not really violence.” I am going to vote for Gary Johnson because both Obama and Mitt reject the fundamental truth that vices are not crimes.  Their selfish ignoring of this principle is a way for them to obtain power and it has caused untold misery and unhappiness for the American people. I am not going to vote for either Obama or Romney because they both believe the kind of wicked nonsense put out before by William Randolph Hearst and his modern equivalents. How else do you explain their policies towards drug use? If they really believe this, then they are both too stupid to be elected, and if not they are both too dishonest to be our president.

The functional equivalent of Pravda during the Communist era, our mainstream media -- both its news and cultural components -- do not want you to know that you do not have to accept either one of their  horrendous two choices. They will continue to ignore Gary Johnson, who you will see on the ballot in November. They are not even attacking him, because if they do people will know he exists and also if they do their lies will be even more transparent than the ones they told before about Ron Paul being a racist and an anti-Semite. As much as the people at both much FOX and MSNBC would like to believe that they control what you know and what you think they are also wrong you can find out for yourself that you are not trapped by their choices. If the sight of either Ed Schultz or Bill O’ Reilly fills you with such disgust and loathing that you want to smash your TV screen, then the worst thing you can do to both of them is click on the link I just provided and find out that there is a third and much better choice and vote accordingly.

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