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Oct 30, 2011

No Hope or Change for Millions of Marijuana Users

In 2008 Obama supporters set up a website,  in order to advance his quest to be President. The website was designed to fool people into thinking that Obama actually cared what the public wants when comes to public policy. Those who went there were asked to list ten policy alterations they wanted to see Obama implement and list them by priority. By far the number one change that his supporters believed needed to happen was the legalization of marijuana.

The site itself continues to advocate a more enlighten and less vicious policy, however, Obama’s administration in a display great disloyalty towards those who elected him totally rejects such a beneficial program as marijuana legalization. He is in fact currently persecuting marijuana users with renewed vigor.

Obama has now employed the IRS as an instrument to deny seriously ill people a medicine that they need and find effective. The IRS is attempting to tax the lawful medical marijuana clinics out of business and not only will patients needlessly suffer but the federal as well as some state governments will lose a great deal of revenue during a time of fiscal crisis.

Not only is Obama perverting the role of the of the IRS from one of collecting revenue, they will lose money, to one of enforcing bad, unjust, mean spirited, inhumane public policy. He is also attacking the concept of free speech by demonstrating once again that he has no regard whatsoever for the Constitution including the 1st Amendment. Our President is now threatening to unjustly prosecute any media outlet that runs perfectly legal advertisements for medical cannabis dispensaries.

Barack Obama is pursuing this despicable course not only against the wishes of millions who supported him in 2008 also but also disregarding the opinion of the majority of Americans, Perhaps the worst aspect of his betrayal is that he is doing it in service of a policy that is clearly racist. Studies looking at racial bias in the enforcement of marijuana laws done in California, New York City and nationwide show conclusively that Blacks and Hispanics are unfairly targeted and disproportionately affected by the racially biased enforcement of marijuana laws.

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