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Aug 29, 2011

Things Noted Here & There

Carnivalesque LXXVII, an ancient/medieval edition of the festival, is up at Pure Medievalry.

Matthew Price reviews Anthony Brandt's The Man Who Ate His Boots: The Tragic History of the Search for the Northwest Passage for The National, 26 August.

Rosemary Hill reviews Fiona MacCarthy's The Last Pre-Raphaelite: Edward Burne-Jones and the Victorian Imagination for the Guardian, 25 August.

Karen Abbott, "‘Mrs. Sherlock Holmes' Takes on the NYPD," Past Imperfect, 23 August, recalls Grace Humiston's legal and detective work in New York City.

Scott McLemee reviews Cameron McWhirter's Red Summer: The Summer of 1919 and the Awakening of Black America for the Barnes & Noble Review, 18 August.

Joseph Epstein, "Kazin's Complaint," Commentary, August, reviews Richard Cook, ed., Alfred Kazin's Journals.

Finally, the Washington Post and Walter Russell Mead point out that the undedicated Martin Luther King memorial in Washington, DC, includes not just one, but two quotations that it misattributes to King. This doubles down on an obligatory tradition of misattribution in civil rights memorials.

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