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Aug 27, 2011

Weak Endnotes

Pure Medievalry will host Carnivalesque LXXVII, an ancient/medieval edition of the festival, on 28 August. Use the form to nominate the best in ancient and medieval history blogging since 19 June.
David Silbey hosts the next Military History Carnival here at Cliopatria on 29 August. Use the form to nominate the best in military history blogging since late May.

Jacob Heilbrunn, "Introducing Mr. Trevor-Roper," National Interest, 24 August, reviews Adam Sisman's Hugh Trevor-Roper: The Biography. Euan Ferguson interviews "Peter Ackroyd: 'I just want to tell a story'," Guardian, 25 August, about his six volume history of London.

Steve Donoghue, "Florence & Baghdad: Renaissance men embraced dual perspectives," The National, 26 August, reviews Hans Belting's Florence & Baghdad: Renaissance Art and Arab Science.

Owen James Burke, "The Havoc Hurricanes Wreak On Yankee Cities: A Visual History," Atlantic, 26 August, recalls earlier devastation.

Andrew H. Knoll, "Back to the Red Planet," TLS, 24 August, reviews Robert Crossley's Imagining Mars: A Literary History and K. Maria D. Lane's Geographies of Mars: Seeing and knowing the Red Planet.

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