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Articles & Excerpts

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Murray Polner: The Lebanon War Was Wrong

Mark A. LeVine: The New Creative Destruction

Geoffrey Wheatcroft: Ehud Olmert knows he must break with the political tradition into which he was born

Conn Hallinan: How the Irish Can Save the Middle East

Mark A. LeVine: Has the Left Gone Mad?

Walid Phares: Hezbollah's Political Blitzkrieg

Juan Cole: How the Lebanon War May Fit into a Larger Israeli/American Strategy

Immanuel Wallerstein: What Can Israel Achieve?

Victor Davis Hanson: The Brink of Madness

Victor Davis Hanson: It's Not Just About Land

Michael B. Oren: How Israel Can Still Win

John B. Judis: Bush's Failed Israeli Strategy

David Ignatius: Mideast Lessons From 1973

Daniel Pipes: Hold Damascus Responsible

Juan Cole: Sistani Threatens US over Israeli War on Lebanon

Juan Cole: What Is Hizbollah?

Lara Deeb: Hizballah: A Primer

Jeffrey Kimball: Historical Analogies, the Middle East, and World War

Patrick McGreevy: Islands in Arabia

Juan Cole: Congress Expects Islamic Dawa to Support Israel, Condemn Hizbullah

Daniel Pipes: Arabs Disavow Hizbullah

Yoav Gelber: Lebanon: How We Got Here

Michael Walzer's Tortured Ethics

Daniel Pipes: Arabs Disavow Hizbullah

Neve Gordon: Talking down the war

Walid Phares: Hizbollah's Iranian War in Lebanon

Diana Muir: So Hezbollah Can't Be Crushed?

Richard Cohen: Hunker Down With History

Fania Oz-Salzberger: Hezbollah and Pericles

Mark A. LeVine Beirut Rules, Washington Strategies

Daniel Pipes: Israel has a war to win

Michael B. Oren: Why Israel should bomb Syria

Michael Walzer: Is Israel's counterattack in line with just war theory?

Tom Engelhardt: The Middle East Aflame and the Bush Administration Adrift

Charles Krauthammer: Why Israel Is Being Attacked

David Hirst: Overnight Lebanon has been plunged into a role it endured for 25 years

Marwan Bishara: Israel on the Offensive

Daniel Pipes: Israel's Unnecessary War

Gil Troy: Israeli attacks followed months, even years, of provocation

Benny Morris: The Future of Hamas