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What If Donald Trump Resigned?

Editor's note: This article was originally publsihed in May 2019. Given the recent impeachment inquiry and the article's increased relevancy, it is being republished. 

Two thirds of the American public (give or take a little) now believe that it is time for our President to stop being President. Trump should no longer have the power to take us to war on a whim or to ruin the careers of our leaders. 

There has been endless, somewhat idle  discussion of “Impeachment”  in Congress. It hasn’t proven, so far at least, to be the answer to our dilemma.  There has developed considerable agreement that a case for an Exodus needs to be made—and soon.  While that case can be made (by lawyers, by partisans, by the impatient, and by those who take our foreign affairs exceptionally seriously), there is a plain truth: we’re getting nowhere. 

Tempers have risen as the convoluted months have passed. Countless speeches have been made urging change—and not just in favor of immediate action.  There are among us political party members who pause, consider, maybe show some sadness, and dwell a bit drearily on the theme:  “Yes, I know he really has to go.  But we’re getting nowhere.”

I have slowly arrived at a point of view.  Oh, I’ve done what I can:  I’ve written three substantial articles that unreservedly  attack President Donald J. Trump’s performance in office.  It was a pleasure to write, then read, them—if frustrating.  To the extent there has been a reaction, it has been favorable enough, but mostly ineffective.  “Yes,” vast numbers say, “he does have to go.” 

If we agree pretty much on the need for Trump’s departure, the time is very much at hand to ask, essentially, What does he think about it?  What does he want, mid-term in the White House? Does he think there has  been enough roughhousing, yelling, defiance, repudiation of  important leaders at times and for reasons that are bound to be embarrassing?  Persecution, really rudeness, to the Press? Could it be that our peerless leader is agreeable to returning himself to a variety of estates and golf courses?

Thinking about his “situation” and the unpleasant circumstances that are slowly developing for us and for him, it does seem to this observer that a moment of crisis is approaching.  What, then, has become the Path I see to some kind of solution?

Since writing the initial draft of this article our good Nation has sent an aircraft carrier squadron to the Persian Gulf as an all too obvious threat to the Iranian government.  This aggressive action has been taken entirely on the initiative of the one who has other choices!  Military engagement is not the option that will bring him a true and lasting  sense of well being.  He need not suffer legal confrontations, speech and rebuttal, partisan challenges, and never ending indignities to family members (deserved or not).  As the days drag on it is so very apparent there is a tenable solution:

The Honorable leader of the executive branch of the United States should RESIGN at a very early opportunity. The President should not drag his feet until the Situation gets too hot to handle.

Yes, the owner of “the Trump estate,” that husband of a lovely lady, parent of stalwart children, and regular commuter to Mar-a-Lago and traveler to random places worldwide in government airplanes, should once and for all  take the terrible pressure off his mind and his health by JUST DEPARTING.

When President Richard Nixon finally decided the time had come, he wrote a one line notification of what he was doing.  It sufficed then.  But noticeably more than that is needed now. The President will want to offer his point of view to Posterity!  Believe it or not, we the Public will be receptive to thinking and weighing his final point of view.

 I have thought about it.  Here is a tentative draft resignation that I think might serve presidential needs and history as well:

“I am today resigning the position of President of the United States, effective at the time of transmitting this letter to the Congress.  The never ending turmoil surrounding daily and weekly events is beginning to be a considerable strain on my  well-being.  I fear that it will affect my physical condition before too long. 

“The position I have been occupying is one of never ending, constant responsibility. It has had its rewards, for me and members of my family. I feel I have served my Country well.

 “I could continue—waging the never ending political battles that so entrance those for whom such political activity is a lifetime activity.  But I am increasingly aware that Life has other rewards in store for me—provided I treat it with careful regard. 

“As I say goodbye, I trust that observers will weigh with proper regard the several aspects of my presidency—partisan or not—and arrive at a balanced verdict on my shortened career as President.

“I wish my successors well.  Overall,  I am quite certain that my impact on the Presidency of the United States has been positive.”

DONALD J. TRUMP                                   

The letter above, drafted clear across the Nation cautiously and respectfully (yet still a Draft),  is the best I can offer for consideration at this point in time. It should not bear my name.   “Draft Letter for consideration” is intended as a title and should suffice.

I am suggesting this avenue as a possible way—sometime in the near future--to bring an end to the several  crises into which  our beloved Country has gradually worked itself,  and to avoid any and all wars which may ominously be waiting out there!   Our Leader will write his own letter, of course—and by no means do I expect it will be more than a tiny bit  influenced by my ordinary citizen’s prose—if indeed that. (I have no illusions that my prose will be the words finally chosen!)

Do be of good faith, fellow citizens of whatever persuasion.  We must avoid additional unpleasantness—and far worse!  Keep calm on the domestic front, and by all means be patient.  Rise above partisanship.  Let’s meet our Leader halfway on the course I suggest which, if taken, may  just be the direction to improving the future of all Americans.