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Urgent appeal for Uighur historian and anthropologist, China

Dear colleagues,

Scholars at Risk (SAR), New York, is disbributing the summary profile of an Uighur historian and anthropologist at risk of persecution when returning to China and currently seeking assistance (see below). I invite you to read it carefully and, in the event that you could assist, to ask SAR for his CV and other supporting materials. Thank you.

With best wishes.

Antoon De Baets
(Network of Concerned Historians)

PS: For other Uighur cases, see NCH #22 (Tohti Tunyaz) and the NCH Annual Reports of 2004, 2003, 2001, and 2000, all soon available on:


Dear SAR friends,

Following is a summary description of a scholar currently seeking assistance through the Scholars at Risk Network. We ask for your help in reviewing the scholar listed, as well as sharing the list with other colleagues that may be able to assist. Additional information for the scholar, including a CV and supporting materials, is available from the SAR office at 212-998-2179 or carla.stuart@nyu.edu.

Network members may login to the SAR website at
http://scholarsatrisk.nyu.edu to review the full list of scholars seeking assistance.


Carla Stuart
Scholars at Risk
tel: 1-212-998-2179



FIELD: Uyghur Studies
LANG: Uyghur Chinese, English, Turkish
RISK: Risk of arrest and prolonged detention
EDUC: PhD, Social Anthropology; [MA, History]

This junior scholar is an expert on Uyghur history and culture with a PhD in social anthropology. He is interested in completing researchand teaching courses in Central Asian and Uyghur studies as well as Chinese studies. He has received an IIE Scholar Rescue Fund award up to $20,000 subject to identifying a host institution and at least matching support. He seeks a teaching or research position for 6-12 months to begin during 2007.

Read entire article at Antoon De Baets at the website of Network of Concerned Historians