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Trump Once Said A Candidate Was Too Inflammatory And Outrageous To Be President

Since launching his presidential campaign in June, Donald Trump’s Republican rivals have attempted to label the real estate mogul as divisive, inflammatory, and on the fringe.

During his flirtation in 1999 with a run for White House as a member of the Reform Party, however, Trump was on the opposite end of similar criticisms, targeting former-Republican turned Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan as too controversial to be elected.

Trump mentions Buchanan more than 30 times in his 1999 campaign book, The America We Deserve.

“Pat Buchanan has been a columnist required to churn out unconventional and newsworthy views on a weekly basis,” wrote Trump. “Only late in his life did he decide to shift to electoral politics and seek the presidency. Simply put, Pat Buchanan has written too many inflammatory, outrageous, and controversial things to ever be elected president.”

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