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This Is When Your Politicians Have Lied About History

●  Every circle is a statement. Hover over a circle to see the statement, speaker, and ruling. Click on a circle to reveal a link to the Politifact page discussing this statement. Pages open in a new window. 

●  Hover over “Collapse all” and you’ll see a box with a minus sign. Click there, and all the topic areas will collapse into one row. Hover over “Expand”, click the box with the plus sign, and you’ll see a long list of subtopics—scroll down to see all. 

●  If you want to completely reduce all degrees of truth and falsehood into a simple binary, you can find a collapse/expand box by hovering over the words “Shades of Truth.” It’s just to the left. Sort by any row or column. 

●  Hover over the row or column header, and a small sort icon will appear. If you get lost, click reset at the bottom of the viz.