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The Top Tweeters of #AHA2014

Perhaps it's the pot of coffee I made at 1:16am, but I haven't been able to sleep tonight... so I thought I'd do something productive by signing up for a trial version of Tweet Binder and quantifying the top tweets and tweeters at #aha2014.

The data is taken from a sample of 2,000 tweets with the hashtag #aha2014, 2,000 being the upper data limit of Tweet Binder's free trial. Since that only takes us back to Friday evening, I'd guessimate that the total number of tweets is at least double that.

A total of 461 different contributors tweeted, though over half only made one tweet.

And what you've been waiting for: the top ten results are in (note that "highest impact" is calculated by multiplying the number of tweets or RTs [re-tweets] by the number of followers of the contributor; "most popular" is simply the number of followers):