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Strange 1924 Article Claimed Hitler 'Favorable to Jews'

Shimon Rahamim, an elderly Israeli, discovered what is perhaps the strangest newspaper article ever – an article in a Hebrew-language newspaper that called Hitler “favorable to the Jewish people.” The article, said Rahamim, is more than a historical curiosity. “It is a warning for the future,” he said.

The article appeared in the Hebrew-language Doar Hayom newspaper, dated August 8, 1924. The article discusses Hitler's role as leader of the “nationalist Germans,” and said that in an interview with a German publication, he had expressed “his warm feelings for the Jewish people.”

Hitler, the article said, had told the interviewer that all nations that had fallen in the past had suffered that fate because of their negative treatment of Jews. “He recommended that the entire world take stock” of their relations with the Jews, and adjust their behavior accordingly....

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