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Stanford community outraged at SU Press defunding, over 1,000 sign petitions

A flurry of critical letters, petitions and tweets came in the wake of the announcement of the University’s decision to discontinue funding for Stanford University Press, the primary printing operation for the works of Stanford professors and advanced students.

Stanford University denied the request of the Press for an average of $1.7 million in funds per year for the next five years, Provost Persis Drell told objecting department chairs in humanities and social sciences on Friday, April 19. At last Thursday’s Faculty Senate meeting, Drell explained that the decision comes as a result of increased budgetary constraints and poor performance from the endowment. The announcement was similarly met with objections from faculty members at the meeting. 

University spokesperson E.J. Miranda noted that a “very significant allocation” was made three years ago, granting $1.7 million per year for three years, as a series of “one-time funds” with the “assurance from the Press that this would be a bridge to a self-sustaining future.” 

Miranda said that the Budget Group “has had to balance the Press’ request with other high-priority budget requests across the University.”

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