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Scots 'ignorant' about Trafalgar

Many Scots are "woefully" ignorant of the Battle of Trafalgar, a survey to mark its 200th anniversary suggests.

Four out of five Scots (83%) cannot name the location of Admiral Lord Nelson's famous naval victory.

One in five Scots did not know who fought in the battle and 3% thought it was between Scotland and England, according to the Woodland Trust.

The British under Nelson won a decisive naval battle off southern Spain against the French and Spanish.

The survey found that 45% of Scots did not know Nelson's ship was called HMS Victory, and 15% did not know Nelson's fleet was made of wood.

"The findings suggest Scots need to reacquaint themselves with their history books, as their historical and naval knowledge is far from ship-shape," said a trust spokesman.

Across the UK, the trust's survey found that 74% of respondents could not name the location of the battle.

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