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Remaining Questions Concerning Michael Bellesiles

  • Will Columbia University's Bancroft Committee rescind its award to Arming America? ANSWER: YES

  • Will the Organization of American Historians rescind the Binkley-Stephenson award, given to Bellesiles for his 1996 article on America's gun culture, which appeared in the Journal of American History. ANSWER: UNKNOWN

  • Will Knopf withdraw Arming America from bookstores? (Will Knopf publish a new edition of Arming America, which Bellesiles has already prepared?) ANSWER: NO

  • Will reviewers like Garry Wills who initially praised Arming America now publicly revise their assessments? ANSWER: NOT YET

  • Will Bellesiles sue Emory? ANSWER: NO

  • Did Emory agree to give Bellesiles a"get lost" payment? ANSWER: DENIED BY BELLESILES

  • Will the American Historical Association withdraw its statement of public support for Bellesiles, which was issued when he claimed to have been harassed by pro-gun activists? (On October 29 the AHA's Arnita Jones told HNN that the organization stands by the Bellesiles resolution.)