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Professor Emeritus of History Bill Hochman Passes Away

Professor Emeritus of History William “Bill” Hochman passed away Saturday, March 23. He was 97 years old. His life not only touched those who are associated with Colorado College, but his presence in the world had been one that was remarkable and inspirational. His famous Freedom and Authority class was one of the hallmarks of CC’s educational mission and demonstrated his dedication to intellectual growth and the human spirit.

He earned his Ph.D. in American history from Columbia University in New York City, and began his career as an assistant administrator for the University of Colorado Extension Center, now UCCS.  He joined the faculty at Colorado College in 1955, where he would teach for more than five decades. He served as chair of the History Department for many years and as Dean of Summer Session. Hochman was awarded the first-ever Gresham Riley Award in 1995. Although he retired 21 years ago, he continued to be involved with the college.

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