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New Orleans To Create Street Renaming Commission, Change Names 'Honoring White Supremacy'

The City Council of New Orleans is continuing their efforts to cast down controversial historical figures in the wake of national unrest over racism and police brutality.

Councilmembers have announced their plans to form a committee that will be dedicated to renaming streets, parks and any places in New Orleans that "honors white supremacists," specifically those with ties to the Confederacy.  

On Thursday, June 18, the city council will introduce a motion to establish the "City Street Renaming Commission." 

The group will consist of nine members appointed by each councilmember, Mayor Latoya Cantrell and the City Planning Commission. All members will have knowledge of the history and geography of New Orleans.

The group will be tasked with identifying places to be renamed and create a plan to educate the public on the changes made. 

Street names of note are sure to include Robert E. Lee Boulevard, Lee Circle, Jefferson Davis Highway, Calhoun Street and more. 

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