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Merrittocracy with Keri Leigh Merritt: Kevin Kruse on the 2020 Election

In the final episode of the 2020 Election season, I interview Dr. Kevin Kruse, Professor of History at Princeton University. He talks about what first drew him to history, and how the Civil Rights Movement had fascinated him since childhood. I ask Dr. Kruse about his predictions on what we can expect during this election, and how we can achieve some sort of justice following a Trump Administration. We talk about the importance of a fair and impartial Department of Justice, and Dr. Kruse points out four important political goals that we should focus on in the future. I inquire about improving various parts of both our electoral and educational system, and Dr. Kruse answers in his trademark fashion: brilliantly, succinctly, and passionately. You don’t want to miss this conversation!

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