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Marist poll reveals ignorance of July 4th history

Just in time for the July 4th weekend, the Marist Poll has asked Americans in which year the United States declared its independence.  And, the result is many Americans need to brush up on their American history.

Click Here for Complete July 1, 2011 USA Poll Release and Tables

Only 58% of residents know that the United States declared its independence in 1776.  26% are unsure, and 16% mentioned another date.

There are age differences on this question.  Younger Americans are the least likely to know the correct answer.  Only 31% of adults younger than 30 say that 1776 is the year in which the United States broke away from Great Britain.  59% of residents between 30 and 44 report the same.  Americans 45 to 59 — 75% — are the age group most likely to have the correct answer.  Among those 60 and older, 60% report that 1776 is the year in which the United States declared its independence....

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