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Letter from 1913 reveals that Vienna planned WWI, says Serb media

Plans for the start of the World War I existed 13 months before Sarajevo assassination and 14 months before the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia, according to so far hidden letter, which was presented today in Andricgrad by the Director of the Archives of Serbia, Miroslav Perisic.

This letter was sent by the Governor of Bosnia and Herzegovina Oskar Potiorek to the Minister of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy BiliƄski on May 28 1913, and a copy was presented today in the Department of the History of Kamengrad.

Perisic said that the letter has significant importance for all those involved in the study of the World War I, because it reveals not only intentions of war circles in Vienna to start it, but also the attitudes of the ruling circles towards Serbs, Croats and Muslims and their relations, and especially the policy of Vienna against the Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia, as well as the supporters of the idea of unification of the South Slavs....

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