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Jeff McLurken -- blending history and technology in the classroom

Anyone familiar with the small but vibrant community of digital historians knows the name Jeff McLurken.  He is the chair of the History and American Studies Department at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, VA and an example for all historians interested in embracing the digital age.

The Mary Washington University website is running a profile of McClurken that is worth a look.  Here is a taste:

His creative and tech-savvy charges have a say in everything from the syllabus to assignments and provide insight on the new and innovative courses taught by the associate professor and chair in the Department of History and American Studies.

McClurken, an expert in Civil War history and a sought-after presenter on digital learning, says the experience is just as beneficial for him as it is for the students.

“I am inspired by and driven by those interactions with students,” said McClurken.

That’s just what happened in a seminar two years ago. When students questioned the technology behind communications and how the Internet affects the way they think and learn, McClurken put them to work designing a History of the Information Age course.

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