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Jacques Pluss Now Says He Is a Nazi--And Proud of It

In March 2005, Fairleigh Dickinson University fired Jacques Pluss, a popular and outwardly tolerant professor who holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in medieval history. It was reported that Pluss was a neo-Nazi. But to avoid controversy, FDU cited Pluss’s alleged numerous absences for his dismissal, not his beliefs.

HNN has closely followed this story since then and kept in contact with Pluss. Pluss has even posted on HNN forums, and wrote an article to defend himself against defamation, which was published by HNN in January 2006.

This article, titled, “Now It Can Be Told: Why I Pretended to Be a Neo-Nazi,” explained that he was posing as a Nazi to collect research for his book on fascist movements in the US. He later went on to confess that he was responsible for his own firing by writing a letter to the university newspaper disclosing his involvement in the National Socialist Movement (NSM). This contradicted his earlier assertion that a “watchdog group” unmasked him. He went on to claim that he allowed himself to be vilified to use himself “a human literary experiment.” This enabled him to experience personally what the people he was writing about experienced--what he called Geistesgeschichte (‘spirit of history’).

Six months later, in August 2006, he repudiated this version of events, but insisted that he “never claimed not to be a National Socialist.” He is currently an unrepentant National Socialist and has dedicated himself to this cause. He maintains a blog concerned with right extremist politics and Nazi ideology.

Since losing his job, Pluss has become increasingly strident in his pronoucements and has admitted on his blog to being disingenuous to reporters.

He has recently stated that he lied to interviewers from the Jewish Standard and Citizens Against Hate. He was mendacious because he wanted to use these reporters to give him publicity and a forum for denigrating his erstwhile organization, the NSM. This was justifiable because “spreading disinformation to gain knowledge or make a point was a value that Heinrich Himmler's SS held quite dear.”

Another opinion he shares with Himmler seems to be the support of genocide. Pluss has “clarified” several “racial questions,” that presumably have been asked by his neo-Nazi peers. In regard to African-Americans he maintains that:

Negroes are not humans. The True National Socialist view of the Negro is that each one of them should be liquidated, that is, killed immediately or after performing forced labor without shelter or food. The elderly, women and children should probably be wiped out first, since their labor potential is less than that of a healthy male. Special Action Squads should be formed, made up of Aryans, and charged with the rapid liquidation of the Negro blight amongst us.

Not surprisingly, Pluss does not hold a high opinion of Jews (who, according to him, are also sub-human), but rather exhorts fellow neo-Nazis to:

Liquidate them wherever you find them. If they hide, search them out and execute them. They are, by nature, dangerous sub-humans who have developed clever ways to cheat, lie and steal from others. Remember that no Jew has ever done an honest day's work in his or her life. Hence, they represent the ultimate parasite.

Aside from writing on his blog, Pluss claims to run the American branch of Stille Hilfe (Silent Help), an organization that provides assistance to Nazis from the Third Reich (not surprisingly, this is a clandestine organization, and Pluss refused to disclose any details of his work). Pluss has recently said that his “infiltration” of NSM was not simply for book research, but also done under orders from his Stille Hilfe superiors to “find out whether it was a real National Socialist group or not.”

And in his opinion, it wasn’t, and that is why he left the NSM in October 2005. He left on bad terms and Pluss is estranged from his former colleagues. Many of their forums dedicate themselves to deprecating Pluss, and cast doubt on his military experience and even allege that he is a Jew. In turn, Pluss contends that American Nazi groups are racially impure, ignorant of Nazi theory and history, and led by “mediocrities.” So far are these groups beyond the pale, that the NSM, he claims, is actually a front for a Satanist cult (Pluss referred to the scandal as “Satangate”). Pluss sees himself as one of the last true Nazis in America, and these extremist outfits are simply not up to snuff.

After his disastrous involvement with the NSM, Pluss has dedicated his time to Stille Hilfe Amerika. This new endevour marks a return to Pluss’s roots, as his childhood home was also a refuge for fleeing Nazis. Pluss says his childhood was suffused with Nazi influences. His grandmother, who raised him, was an ardent National Socialist, and provided shelter to many Nazis fleeing the law. Pluss reminisces that “My initial instruction in NS (Nazism) began at their hands.” It is in this environment that the young Pluss imbibed the National Socialist dogma and marked the beginning of his life long devotion to this cause.

Since the last HNN report on Pluss, he has changed his stance greatly. Far from denying his Nazi beliefs, he has embraced them wholeheartedly. His blog has revealed the true depths of his adherence to the genocidal ideology of National Socialism. This change over the last couple of years is best described by Pluss himself: “the constant pressure to hide my true self finally burst forth, and I've lost a lot because of it, but I regret nothing.”