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IBM Should be Indicted in New York for Holocaust Genocide and its Nazi Nexus says ex-IBM employee from Poland

This continuing coverage and reaction arising from the just-released book, Nazi Nexus: America's Corporate Connection's to Hitler's Holocaust (Dialog Press).


Since the publication of the book IBM and the Holocaust, I as a long-time IBM employee and now an IBM retiree, have been trying to get IBM to face its past and apologize for its complicity in helping Germany commit genocide. The best offer I have received thus far was the willingness for Samuel J. Palmisano, the IBM CEO, to meet with me and apologize verbally in private for the company’s role in providing the technology for Germany to perfect the round up of European Jewry and their final annihilation. Included in these round ups were my father and most of my family in Poland. It was not until recently that I came across a listing, which without question came directly from punch cards, of the registration of my family by the Germans. All vital information was included in this list, which also listed me. If for instance the Germans wanted a list of all males over fifty or children under ten, they would insert the cards and sort by the relevant fields. In minutes they could produce a list with the information needed to send children and all males over fifty to Auschwitz.

I was moved to write about this after reading the chapter on IBM in Edwin Black’s latest book Nazi Nexus, which provides the reader with an array of American corporate facilitator of the Holocaust. Chapter 5 offers a clear precise picture of IBM’s role in helping Germany eliminate Jews and other so-called subhumans or “untermenschen.” Unfortunately, neither Black nor Nazi Nexus provides any ideas of how IBM can be made to face their actions during the Third Reich. There is no question that there is enough circumstantial evidence to prove that IBM, with prior knowledge, supplied technology to Germany used to accomplish “The Final Solution.”

Since the statue of limitations does not apply to murder or genocide, it is time for the company to be indicted for complicity in murder. Since the decisions to supply the Third Reich with technology originated in New York, I think the US Attorney in New York should seek an indictment of IBM. I am convinced that a jury would find IBM guilty. IBM’s actions are a pure example of “profit over everything.” Actually it sounds better in German, “gewinn uber alles.”
Read entire article at At the website of thecuttingedgenews.com: Michael Zamczyk, who joined IBM in 1974 in the publishing group in California. Prior to retirement in 2003, he managed Business Controls, a multi billion dollar software division of IBM.