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HNN's Response to Harris Salomon's Complaints

An early version of this article was published by HNN late in the evening of Monday February 23. In the wee hours of the morning we heard from film producer Harris Salomon by both email and voicemail. He objected to certain claims made in the article about him and indicated if they weren't dropped he would take legal action against both the author and HNN. In response we decided to pull the article pending a thorough review. (The article had remained live on the website just seven hours before it was taken off-line.)

In the days following Mr. Salomon provided a detailed list of objections to the article. In response we asked Professor Waltzer to review the piece and make appropriate changes where needed. Dr. Waltzer provided convincing evidence for the quotes and facts he cited.

In the early edition of the article Ken Waltzer stated that Harris Salomon, Atlantic Overseas Pictures president, was continuing with plans to make a movie about Rosenblat to gain attention and money. HNN believes this statement was unsupported. Harris Salomon actually explained to Ken Waltzer his motivation and this revised article clarifies it, drawing on Salomon's own statements to Professor Waltzer.

HNN and Ken Waltzer apologize for the lack of clarity of the early version of this article. We believe that the current version adequately and accurately clarifies the matter.