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HNN Hot Topics: LGBT History

Stonewall riots, 1969. Credit: Wiki Commons.

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  • Allan Berube: Gay historian and gay history scholar, dies at age 61 (12-11-07)
  • John Boswell: A gay classicist and college president who assisted Boswell in his research on gay history gets married (9-19-07)

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  • Commentary: Media

  • Lucian K. Truscott IV: The Real Mob at Stonewall (6-25-09)
  • Fred Sargeant: It was the second night at Stonewall that pointed the way to gay liberation (6-25-09)
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  • News

  • 40 Years After Stonewall Riots, a rebel remembers (6-27-09)
  • Gay history museum shows current debate is nothing new: Marriage issue made headlines even 50 years ago (10-18-08)
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