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HNN Doyen: Joyce Appleby

Seventeenth and eighteenth century America, economic thought in early modern England, and the intellectual origins of capitalism.

Stanford University, B.A., 1950;
University of California, Santa Barbara, M.A., 1959;
Claremont Graduate School, Ph.D., 1966. 

Major Publications:

● Economic Thought and Ideology in Seventeenth-Century England, (Princeton University Press, 1978).

● Capitalism and a New Social Order: The Republican Vision of the 1790s, (New York University Press, 1983).

● (With Joseph Cropsey and Forrest McDonald) Understanding the United States Constitution 1787-1987: Three Bicentennial Lectures, (Colorado College, 1988).

●  Without Resolution: The Jeffersonian Tension in American Nationalism: An Inaugural Lecture Delivered before the University of Oxford on 25 April 1991, (Oxford University Press, 1991).

●  Liberalism and Republicanism in the Historical Imagination, (Harvard University Press, 1992).

●  (With Lynn Avery Hunt and Margaret C. Jacob) Telling the Truth about History, (Norton, 1994).

●  (With Alan Brinkley and James M. McPherson) The American Journey, (Glencoe/MacGraw-Hill, 1998).

●  Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans, Belknap Press, 2000.

●  (With Noble E., Jr. Cunningham), Jefferson and Monroe, (University of North Caroilina, 2003)

●  A Restless Past: History and the American Public, (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2005)

Editor, Contributor, Joint Author:

Materialism and Morality in the American Past: Themes and Sources, 1600-1800, Addison-Wesley (Reading, MA), 1974.(With others) Knowledge and Postmodernism in Historical Perspective, (Routledge, 1996).Recollections of the Early Republic: Selected Autobiographies, (Northeastern University Press, 1997).(With Terence Ball) Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson, Political Writings, (Cambridge University Press, 1999).

DoyenAppleby2.jpgContributor to books, including The Origins of Anglo-American Radicalism, edited by Margaret Jacob and James Jacob, Allen & Unwin (Boston, MA), 1983; and Colonial British America: Essays in the New History of the Early Modern Era, edited by Jack P. Green and J. R. Pole, Johns Hopkins Press (Baltimore, MD), 1983. 

Contributor to numerous journals, including American Quarterly, Business History Review, Civil War History,Journal of American History, and Past and Present. William and Mary Quarterly, member of editorial board, 1980-83, chairperson, 1981-83. Member of editorial board of Intellectual History Group Newsletter, 1981--, Eighteenth-Century Studies, 1982--, Journal of the Early Republic, 1982--, American Historical Review, and Encyclopedia of American Political History.

Awards and Grants:

Berkshire Prize, 1978, for Economic Thought and Ideology in Seventeenth-Century England.
1993, Annual Distinguished Faculty Award of the UCLA College of Letters and Science;
1995, Guggenheim Fellowship for her project on the intellectual origins of liberalism; 
She has received support from the Mellon Foundation to train advanced graduate students to offer undergraduate seminars on current trends in historical theory.

Additional Info:

Appleby co-directs with James Banner, the "History News Service," an informal association that distributes op-ed essays written by historians to over 300 newspapers weekly.
She also writes op-eds and book reviews for the news media, including the "New York Times," and has done commentary on the "Newshour with Jim Lehrer, anf recently appeared on C-Span2, Book TV "In Depth" show discussing her life, career, and writings.
Memberships: American Antiquarian Society, American Historical Association (member of Chester Higby Prize committee, 1982; member of council, 1982-85; president, 1997), Organization of American Historians (member of program committee, 1982; president, 1991).