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History major at Cal State San Marcos complains her profs are biased against conservatives

OPINION: I’m dying for some objectivity from professors!

I’m frequently assigned Karl Marx. I’m forced to sit through Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” – twice. I’m told to read the New York Timesdaily to pass a class, and that Fox News is biased. I get marked down on an assignment for suggesting Islamic extremists are misogynistic toward women.

Welcome to my world. I’m a history major drowning in a sea of subjectivity.

When I chose history as my major, I was excited and determined to learn everything I could about the past. I wanted to know all the facts, the tidbits, and the finite complex details about our planet’s history. In my mind, my university was going to make me the unstoppable online quiz taker, the Jeopardy conqueror, and more than anything, mold me into the best high school history teacher I could ever possibly be.

However, after completing 36 courses – and only 15 of them being history courses relevant to my desired career – my excitement is extinguished.

For starters, I’m often told by professors I’m ignorant and uniformed. ...

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