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Historians Tackle Statelessness, Speech Codes, and the War in Iraq at Annual Meeting (Chronicle Account)

ATLANTA The 121st annual meeting of the American Historical Association, held here this past weekend, drew 4,730 historians, students, and exhibitors to panels, meetings, and job interviews.

The number of attendees was down from the record of 5,664 set at last year's meeting in Philadelphia, but outpaced the fewer than 4,000 historians who attended the 2005 annual meeting in Seattle.

Attendance was "good for a non-East Coast corridor city," the association's executive director, Arnita A. Jones, told the 100 or so historians who attended the group's business meeting on Saturday.

Ms. Jones also observed that the job activity at the meeting was higher than it had been in many years, but she quipped that history programs should not raise their enrollments just yet. "A glut of jobs rather than a glut of historians is a good thing," she said.

The historians who attended this year's meeting found a full agenda of discussions and events that encompassed local politics and national controversies, including the passage of a resolution at the association's business meeting that strongly attacked the Bush administration for "practices inimical to the values of the historical profession" in its conduct of "the war in Iraq and the so-called war on terror."....
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