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Historians Against the War (HAW) Resolution

On Saturday January 10, 2004, the Business Meeting of the American Historical Association unanimously approved the following resolution, which was proposed by Historians Against the War (HAW):

HAW Resolution

In view of current efforts to restrict free speech in the name of national security, the American Historical Association affirms the sanctity of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment, the decisive importance of unfettered discussion to the pursuit of historical knowledge, the necessity for open debate of US foreign policy and other public issues in order to safeguard the health of democracy and of our profession, and the need for open access to government records and archives.

HAW decided to submit the resolution last fall. At a meeting held on January 9, which was attended by forty historians, the group debated other measures they could take. Some wanted HAW to advocate stronger, more radical proposals. But these efforts were overwhelmingly defeated.

AHA Business Meeting 2004

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