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Historian Carol Anderson On Voter Suppression

Carol Anderson is a Charles Howard Candler professor of African American studies at Emory University. She is also a historian who focuses on issues like human rights, civil rights and U.S. foreign policy. Her book, “One Person, No Vote,” explains how suppression is destroying our democracy. During an interview with NowThis, Anderson gave an in depth explanation about the history of voter suppression and how it still plagues voter turnout today.
“This kind of silent, quiet bureaucratic violence, where policies are wiping out the voting rights of millions of Americans, that's the piece that is absolutely stunning for my students,” she explained. “My students, when we talk about voter suppression, the first thing that hits them is that this isn't a thing that we're talking about in the past with the Mississippi Plan of 1890. Or this isn't something that we're talking about pre-Selma in the 1960s during the Civil Rights Movement. But it's something that is happening now in America and it is something that is wiping out communities of voters.”

Anderson reiterated how voter suppression is both subtle and overt in the U.S. and still serves to stifle Balck voices from being heard at the polls. 

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