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Faculty Praise, Remember Esteemed Cornell Historian Michael Kammen

Prof. Emeritus Michael Kammen, history, who peers describe as one of the eminent historians of America, died Friday at the age of 77.

Kammen, who taught at Cornell for 43 years and then came out of retirement this fall to teach a honors thesis class, was the author of several books about American colonial history, as well as an active member of the community of historical scholars.

His friends, family and colleagues remembered him as a dedicated teacher who lent a hand to anyone in need.

Prof. Isaac Kramnick, government, said Kammen was beloved by his colleagues.

“He was a gentle, unassuming man who never tooted his own horn and who always helped students and colleagues find just the right article or book to help in their work,” Kramnick said. “He spent his whole career here, and he will be sorely missed.”...

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