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Dracula’s Dungeon To Be Opened For Online Tourists

Wallachian Prince Vladd III the Impaler, or as most people know him, Count Dracula, is said to have been held captive in the Tokat Castle dungeon in Turkey during the fifteenth century. It will soon be possible to view this dungeon online, as a part of a project to digitally as well as physically restore the castle.

Tokat Culture and Tourism Director, Abdurrahmam Akyuz, stated that, “After media reports about the dungeons, many people came to see the castle,” apparently, this was when members of the public began asking officials for visuals and information about the castle, “We set up a camera system here. Especially [near] the dungeons where Count Dracula was kept [we] will be monitoring. The cameras will be available for 15 days all around the world through the internet,” he said.

The Governor’s Office of Tokat and the Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate began restoring the castle, which is located in the northern region of Turkey, in 2009. Their goal was to eventually open it for public tourism. Just three and a half months ago the team began the second stage of restoration. The first stage was completed in 2010.

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