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Donald Trump and Jews: President Had Long History of Controversies Before Michael Wolff’s ‘Creepy’ Claim

President Donald Trump and Jews: Oy, it's complicated. 

A claim in Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury book that Trump knows who is Jewish in his administration to a "creepy" extentis just the latest accusation of the president's sometimes unsettling attitude toward Jewish people. Despite his daughter Ivanka converting to Judaism to marry Jared Kushner, and his own insistence that he is an ally of Judaism, Trump has a long history of remarks and actions that were widely seen as insensitive to Jews and supportive of anti-Semitism, which started years before his presidency. Even in his brief political career, Trump's regard for Jews has often left many officials and voters confused or horrified. 

These are just some of the incidents that have happened during Trump's campaign and presidency: 

1. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger described the atmosphere in the White House as a “war between the Jews and the non-Jews,” according to Fire and Fury. ...

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