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Does a Confederate Flag Belong in a House of Worship?

The Citadel could lose nearly $1 million in Charleston County funding if it does not agree to remove a Confederate flag from Summerall Chapel, Councilman Henry Darby said Monday.

Darby said he will make that proposal to County Council at its meeting Tuesday night.

"I really feel saddened by this. It's just still as if they are trying to preserve the Confederacy," he said.

The Democrat finds the situation particularly troubling because the flag is located in a house of worship.

"It's the re-raising of the Confederate flag," he said.

In response, The Citadel said that the flag is a "Confederate Naval Jack" that hangs in the rear of the chapel as a memorial and falls under the state's Heritage Act.

In 1939, the Cadet Yacht Club presented the flag to Citadel President Gen. Charles P. Summerall, the school said.

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