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David Starkey Criticised over Slavery Comments

The TV historian and author told an online show hosted by the conservative commentator Darren Grimes that slavery was not genocide because of the survival of "so many damn blacks".

Writing on Twitter, former chancellor Sajid Javid said: "David Starkey's racist comments are a reminder of the appalling views that still exist."

Starkey has not yet responded to the BBC's request for comment.

Fitzwilliam College, part of Cambridge University, where Starkey holds an honorary fellowship, described his remarks as "indefensible".

"We support and promote freedom of speech in our academic community, but we have zero tolerance of racism," the college said in a statement on Thursday. "Dr David Starkey's recent comments on slavery are indefensible."

They added: "The matter of Dr Starkey's honorary fellowship will be considered by the Governing Body at its meeting next Wednesday."

The Mary Rose Trust said it was "appalled" by Starkey's comments, adding on Thursday evening they had accepted his resignation.

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