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“Civilisations" presenter David Olusoga blames Winston Churchill for war crimes in Africa

Historian David Olusoga has said he believes Winston Churchill was complicit in a number of atrocities committed in Africa in the early 20th century.

Speaking at the Oxfordshire Literary Festival Mr. Olusoga, who co-presents Civilisations on the BBC alongside Simon Schama and Mary Beard, says claims about the darker side of the former Prime Minster’s past are often drowned out by his status as a wartime leader.

 Mr. Olusoga argued that although Churchill was remembered as being a great politician, he was “largely responsible” for war crimes in Africa, as well as the Bengal famine of 1943-44 in India.

“Certain people, we only want to hear the good things that they do. Certain events, we only want to hear the stories that we’re familiar with,” he said.

“And other people want to tell different stories, so we have this conflict. I think these are the history wars we are having.” ...

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