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China angered by Nanjing massacre film

China has reacted angrily to plans by Japanese nationalists to make a documentary describing as a myth the massacre of tens of thousands of Chinese civilians by Japanese troops in 1937...

"We have seen the reports," said Jiang Yu, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman.

"I think that there is irrefutable evidence for the Nanjing massacre, and international society has long ago come to a conclusion about it. Japan's taking of a correct and responsible attitude to properly deal with historical problems helps it truly win the trust of Asian neighbours and the global community."...

Tokyo's rightwing governor, Shintaro Ishihara, is one of several leading politicians to have come out in support of the film ["The Truth About Nanjing"], directed by Satoru Mizushima, who heads a nationalist satellite TV channel.

"If we remain silent, anti-Japanese propaganda will spread across the world," Mr Mizushima said at a press conference, flanked by about 40 supporters. "What is important is to correct the historical record and send the right message."
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