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Chicago Landmarks Commission Authorizes $250,000 for Rehab of Muddy Waters's House

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks voted unanimously during its March 3 meeting to award the Muddy Waters House, 4339 S. Lake Park Ave., with a $250,000 grant for exterior renovations from its Adopt-a-Landmark Fund. This award follows last October's designation of the North Kenwood home of legendary blues musician Muddy Waters (born McKinley Morganfield) as a Chicago Landmark by the City Council.

Morganfield’s great-granddaughter Chandra Cooper — who owns the building and is leading the effort to convert it into a house museum — said during an interview with the Herald, "I'm hoping that this place will end up being a place (where) young people and old people, and lovers of the blues, and people who want to be educated about the blues will have an incredible safe haven to come... and to learn to listen and to just really understand who Muddy Waters was. And the legacy of who he is and the fact that he is the king of Chicago blues."

The Adopt-a-Landmark grant follows on the heels of grants from the National Historic Preservation Trust Fund, the Friedman Foundation and Landmarks Illinois that provided initial funds for the renovation.

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